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Ad placed in Jan 3, 1963 Indianola Record-Herald inviting prospective investors to write for more information.
This is one of the membership cards issued to individuals who invested in the corporation.
Greenwood Roadway, Inc., stock certificate. 50 shares at $1 per share.
Greenwood Roadway stock sales advertising brochure. From the author's collection.
The board of directors of the Greater Indianola Corporation and a number of Indianola business and professional men will hear about plans for the new Greenwood Roadway tonight. The dinner meeting will be at Shannon Cafe at 6 o'clock.
Main speaker on the program will be James Kimberly of Chicago, president of Kimberly-Clark Corp., manufacturers of Kleenex. Mr Kimberly is one of the backers of the new roadway.
Governor-elect Harold Hughes is also expected to be present.
- From the Jan 3, 1963 Indianola Record-Herald
- From the Jan 4, 1963 Des Moines Register
Indianola, IA. A progress report on construction of the Greenwood Roadway three-mile sports car race course, 7 1/2 miles southeast of here on U.S. Highway 65, was made at the Shannon Cafe here Thursday night.
In attendance were Jim Kimberly of Chicago, 1956-57 president of the Sports Car Club of America and a member of the board of governors, and another S.C.C.A. official, Ed Walsh of St. Louis, Mo., who in 1962 completed his thirty-fifth year as an auto race driver.
Walsh is said to have entered cars in the Indianapolis 500 from 1938 to 1956.
Grading has been completed on the $300,000 project and the target date for opening is June 1. About 15 percent of the actual work has been finished, with asphalt scheduled to be laid when frost goes out of the ground in the spring, according to officials of Greenwood Roadway, Inc.
To Hear Plans For Roadway
Grading operations underway - fall/winter 1962-63.
USGS Topography 10-foot contour map of Greenwood.