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September 25-26, 1965 - IKF Enduro
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- From the September 25, 1965 Des Moines Register
Go-Karts Race At Indianola
Indianola, Ia. - A field of 171 drivers from 14 states has entered the National Federation Go-Kart Championships at the Greenwood Roadway here today and Sunday.
Entries include George Stefanic of Chicago, Ill., a third-place finisher in last year's national; Kenny Fox of Glen Ellyn, Ill., the holder of seven state championships; Harvey Wilson of St. Louis, Mo., fourth place finisher in the 1964 International Championships; and R. Dean Williams of Altoona, fifth in the stock class at the Shreveport, La., National.
Races begin at 2 p.m. today and 10 a.m. Sunday.
8 Win Go-Kart Titles In Meet
- From the September 26, 1965 Des Moines Register
- From the September 27, 1965 Des Moines Register
Indianola, Ia. - Harry Miller of Topeka opened the National Go-Kart Championships by winning the "A" Stock Junior class at Greenwood Roadway here Saturday.
Randy Durbin of Hartford, Ill., streaked to first place in the "A" Stock Light division and Anamosa'a Bob Miller, Jr., grabbed the "A" Super Heavy title.
Eleven-year-old Harry Miller pulled away from the second and third-place finishers, Bobby Hathaway, Jr., and Bob Fish, early in the race and held a 15-second lead at the finish.
Durbin outfought second placer Harral Chastain of Minneapolis by 5 seconds after they had traded the lead every other lap.
Bob Miller averaged speeds around 70 miles an hour to win his race.
Today's races will begin at 10 a.m. and end about 3:30 p.m.


Class AAAA - 1. Doug Smith, Sioux City; 2. Steve Gerkin, Sioux City; 3. Gordon Hoffert, Roosevelt (DM); 4. Bill Adams, Sioux City; 5. Charles Raab, Tech (DM); 6. Frank Sergio, Roosevelt (DM); 7. John Samore, Sioux City; 8. Larry Daniels, West (Waterloo); 9. Charles Moore, Tech (DM) 10. Robert Tysoh, East (Waterloo); 4:24.1

Class AAA - 1.Doug Jones, East (Sioux City); 2. Dick Pohl, Ames; 3. Brent Sly, Oskaloosa; 4. Denny McGuire, Columbus (Waterloo); 5. Neal Thomson, Ames; 6. Mike Gaab, Cedar Falls; 7. Joe Robach, Marshalltown; 8. Larry Lochkart, Ames; 9. Greg Jurovic, Valley (WDM); 10. Marshall Thomas, Ames; 4:35.0

Class AA - 1. Roger Mayland, Clear Lake; 2. Jerry Van Engen, Western Christian (Hull); 3. Stan Visser, Western Christian (Hull); 4. Steve Bowman, Red Oak; 5. Paul Fish, Red Oak; 6. Dennis Modracek, Prairie (Cedar Rapids); 7. Dick Carsner, Marion; 8. Don Jenkins, Red Oak; 9. Russell Wasendorf, Marion; 10. Paul Farrens, Clarinda; 4:46.7

Class A - 1.Keith Allen, Cardinal (Eldon); 2. Jerry Bergman, Central (Argyle); 3. Calvin Coohey, Cascade (Aquin); 4. Larry Logarn, Newman (Mason City); 5. Steve Thayer, Odebolt Arthur; 6. Jerry Vaande Esch, Hawarden; 7. Lenny Liston, Hawarden; 8. Tony Beuer, Notre Dame (Burlington); 9. Daryl Rockey, Urbandale; 10. Ken Hansen, Starmont (Strawberry Point); 4:48.7

Class B - 1. Richard Jenson, Madrid; 2. Larry Ruggles, Anita; 3. Lyle Wendland, Fredericksburg; 4. Charles Hays, Corydon; 5. Brad Reed, Anita; 6. Bernie Hughes, Farragut; 7. Alfred Donahue, Farragut; 8. Danny Woodland, Madrid; 9. Mike Simmer, Madrid; 10. Phil Gould, Beaman-Conrad; 4:39.2

Class C - 1. Gary Harder, Elwood; 2. Bob Haus, Martensdale; 3. Tom Budde, Bellevue; 4. No name available; 5. Jim Wood; 6. Glen Davidson, Martensdale; 7. Keil, Bellvue; 8. Richard Wagoner, El; 9. Roger Buffington, Newell; 10. Charles Bales, Miles; 11. Greg Wood, Thornton; 4:55.4

Indianola, Ia. - Eight division champions were determined at the National Go-Kart championships at Greenwood Roadway near here Sunday.
Jon Brading of Valley Falls, Kan., topped the "A" Modified Junior class with Chris Wally of Shawnee Mission, Kan., second.
Clinton's Roy Harrington pulled ahead of Phil Williams of Altoona with 20 minutes remaining and averaged 76 miles per hour to win the "B" Open class by five seconds over second-place finisher Tom Dagnillo of Des Moines.
Ray Todd of Kinsley won the "C" Open title by 20 seconds.
Sally Taylor of Kansas City, Mo., edged out Chuck McWilliams of Springfield, Mo., to win the FKE title. McWilliams led throughout the race but was forced to make a pit stop on his final lap.


"A" Stock Junior - 1. Harry Meyers, Topeka, Kan.; 2. Bobby Hathaway, Jr., Cedar Rapids; 3. Bob Fish, Lincoln, Neb.; 4. Lew Larson, Topeka, Kan.; 5. Scott Yates, Independence, Mo.

"A" Stock Light - 1. Randy Durbin, Hartford, Ill.; 2. Harral Chastain, Minneapolis, Min.; 3. Mike McAndrews, Omaha, Neb.; 4. Joe Downs, Ames; 5. Fred Maskaro, Des Moines

"A" Super Heavy - 1. Bob Miller, Jr., Anamosa; 2. Chuck Kirby; 3. Jim Isom, Kansas City, Mo.; 4. Dann Potts, Emporia, Kan.; 5. Don Cofield, Topeka, Kan.

"A" Modified Junior - 1. Jon Brading, Valley Falls, Kan.; 2. Chris Wally, Shawnee Mission, Kan.; 3. Bobby Hathaway, Cedar Rapids; 4. Scott Yates, Independence, Mo.; 5. Tom Fraser, Holstein

"B" Open - 1. Roy Harrington, Clinton; 2. Tom Dagnillo, Des Moines; 3. Chuck Wheeling, Ottumwa; 4. Phil Williams, Altoona; 5. Chuck Fraser, Holstein

"C" Open - 1. Ray Todd, Kingsley; 2. J. L. Kern, Liberty, Mo.; 3. Don Shipps, Topeka, Kan.; 4. J. D. Taylor, Kansas City, Mo.; 5. A. A. Klusman, Jr., Smithville, Mo.

FKE - 1. Sally Taylor, Kansas City, Mo.; 2. Chuck Williams, Springfield, Mo.; 3. Casey Koonts, Grinnell; 4. Bernie Stutzman; 5. Fred Taylor

"A" Modified Light - 1. Bernie Cozard, Glenndale Heights, Ill.; 2. Bruce Hill, Topeka, Kan.; 3. Harold LaPlant; 4. Jerry Schlemmer; 5. Virginia Hendon, Eudora, Kan.

"A" Stock Heavy - 1. Terry Ferguson, Kansas City, Mo.; 2. Mike McAndrews, Omaha, Neb.; 3. Duwayne Schneiderman, Thornton; 4. Bill McClellan, Lincoln, Neb.; 5. Jack Satterfield, Omaha, Neb.

"B" Limited - 1. Jack Kaplan; 2. Charles Kibby; 3. Roy hardington; 4. Marvin Morton; 5. Jack Satterfield

"B" Stock - 1. Jerry Harrison; 2. Bugs Bogdonovich; 3. Shorty Stidaham; 4. R. Gonzalez

Iowan Wins With Go-Kart