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June 12-13, 1965 - USAC Stock Cars
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Indianola, Ia. - Hilly, twisting Greenwood Roadway today challenges a field of drivers seeking positions in the United States Auto Club's 200-mile stock car race here Sunday.
Time trials open at 10 a.m. with most of the clocking not expected until late this afternoon since only two of the 23 drivers have been on the course previously.
Goldsmith, Isaac
They are Paul Goldsmith of Munster, Ind., a former U.S.A.C. champion, and Bobby Isaac of Catawba, N.C., a top-performer last season on the paved ovals in the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.
The remaining drivers probably will spend most of the day in practice tours to set up suspension systems and select gears for the $12,000 race scheduled at 2 p.m. Sunday.
Because of the contour of the three-mile U-shaped track, pole leaders - determined by time trials - definitely will have an edge on tail-enders.
"It's pretty wild," said Goldsmith, indicating the course presents major problems not previously faced by drivers on flat road courses such as Raceway Park at Indianapolis, Ind., where he won a 150-miler Memorial Day.
The field includes Jim Hurtubise, winner of the Sportsmanship award at the Indianapolis 500-mile this season; Norm Nelson, David Pearson, Bay Darnell and Don White of Keokuk.
Hurtubise is making a comeback after surviving a fiery crash at Milwaukee a year ago. Before competing in both sprint and stock car competition in U.S.A.C., the North Tonawanda, N.Y., driver wheeled in International Motor Contest Association circles, including programs at the Iowa State Fair.
Won Yankee 300
Nelson, who hails from racine, Wis., was runner-up in the U.S.A.C. driver championship a year ago and is the winner of the Yankee 300.
Pearson, of Randleman, N.C., a former N.A.S.C.A.R. driver, topped that circuit as the leading money winner in 1961. Darnell, of Deerfield, Wis., was No. 11 last season in U.S.A.C.
White was U.S.A.C. driver champion in 1963, runner-up twice, third last season and fourth one other time. He's in a 1964 Ford. All the others are in either Dodges or Plymouths.
Parnelli Jones, last year's stock car driving champion, and Roger Ward, who was sixth a year ago, will not be present since both are Ford contract drivers and not permitted by their sponsor to run in U.S.A.C. competition.
Four of Ford's "High-riser" engines, including one owned by White, are entered by drivers operating as independents.

The Entries
Gary Bettenhausen, Oak Forest, Ill., #99 Dodge; Bob Christie, Grants Pass, Ore., #22 Dodge; Bay Darnell, Deerfield, Ill., #66 Plymouth; Paul Goldsmith, Munster, Ind., #36 Dodge; Bob Goetsch, Tinsley Park, Ill., #25 Plymouth; Jim Hurtubise, North Tonawanda, N.Y., #56 Plymouth; Bob Isaac, Catawba, N.C., #35 Dodge; Bruce Jacobi, Salem, Ind., #23 Ford; John Klotz, Ft. Wayne, Ind., #24 Plymouth; Bill Moore, Villa Park, Ill., #44 Mercury; Norm Nelson, Racine, Wisc., #2 Plymouth; Don White, Keokuk, Ia., #3 Ford; David Pearson, Randleman, N.C., #6 Dodge; Herb Shannon, Peoria, Ill., #9 Plymouth; Bud Gaghey, Indianapolis, Ind., #26 Plymouth; Dick Passwater, Indianapolis, Ind., #33 Studebaker; Richard Clement, Chicago, Ill., #50 Plymouth; Lou Burmeister, Milwaukee, Wisc., #77 Plymouth; John Riva, Chicago, Ill., #98 Chevrolet.
Seek Starting Spots In 200-Mile Race
Trials For 23 Drivers Today At Greenwood
- From the June 12, 1965 Des Moines Register
- From the June 13, 1965 Des Moines Register
Pearson Leads Greenwood Trials
Only 14 Cars In Qualifying
Indianola, Ia.- David Pearson of Randleman, N.C., Saturday put his 1965 Dodge at the head of a meager field of 14 cars qualifying for starting places in today's 200-mile stock car race at Greenwood Roadway.
Commenting on the absence of 10 entries, grim-faced United States Auto Club officials said late arrivals "expected to show" this morning would draw for positions behind Saturday's leaders.
White in Sixth
Not including tardy entries, the field included only two Fords, one driven by Don White of Keokuk, Ia., who qualified in sixth place, and one Mercury with the remaining positions filled by six Dodges and five Plymouths.
Qualifiers, who tore out several corners to send a paving crew into action when the clocking ended, averaged from 77 miles per hour to 85 m.p.h. in lap speeds around the three-mile course.
Pearson, among the Chrysler Corporation's refugees from the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing circuit which has banned the "hemi-head" engines, clocked his lap in 2 minutes 6.65 seconds.
The former N.A.S.C.A.R. champion was followed by Paul Goldsmith of Munster, Ind., an ex-U.S.A.C. title-holder, who qualified his Dodge in 2:06.83, a shade over 85 M.P.H. on his fastest lap time.
Sitting back of Pearson in the $12,000 contest, which starts at 2 p.m. on the two-lane speedway, will be Jim Hurtubise, the popular North Tonawanda, N.Y. youngster who spent more than six months in a hospital last winter getting skin grafts on his hands so he could drive again.
"Herk," as he is known, clocked his fastest lap in 2:08, a 84.37 m.p.h. average through the radar speed trap.
Hurtubise's speed almost put him in the disaster area at the end of the stretch on the 45-degree No. 3 turn but he managed to pull his Plymouth out of a spin and continue.
A year ago the popular driver, who once raced on Iowa and midwest dirt tracks, escaped a fiery crash at Milwaukee.
Alongside Hurtubise will be Bob Isaac of Catawba, N.C., in a Dodge. Isaac clocked his best lap in 2:08.49 for an 84 m.p.h. average.
Only minor spins were reported during the day-long activity as the drivers cautiously hit the turns.
Bay Darnell of Deerfield, Wis., lost his car at the head of the S turns and late entry Lou Burmeister of Milwaukee, Wis., blew a tire to slide off the track in the same stretch, smashing his front suspension.
Most of the damage appeared to have been suffered by the track under the heavy pounding of the 3,500-pound plus stock cars at the corners.

Time Trials
1. David Pearson, Randleman, N.C., Dodge, 2:06.65; 2. Paul Goldsmith, Munster, Ind., Dodge, 2:06.83; 3. Jim Hurtubise, North Tonawanda, N.Y., Plymouth, 2:08.00; 4. Bob Isaac, Catawba, N.C., Dodge, 2:08.49; 5. Herb Shannon, Peoria, Ill., Dodge, 2:10.7; 6. Don White, Keokuk, Ia., 1964 Ford, 2:11.34; 7. Bob Christie, Grants Pass, Ore., 1964 Dodge, 2:12.31; 8. Gary Bettenhausen, Tingley Park, Ill., Dodge, 2:13.21; 9. Norm Nelson, Racine, Wis., Plymouth, 2:14.85; 10. J. C. Klotz, Fort Wayne, Ind., 1964 Plymouth, 2:16.02; 11. Bob Goetsch, Tingley Park, Ill., Plymouth, 2:16.01; 12. Bill Moore, Villa Park, Ill., 1964 Mercury, 2:16.35; 13. Bay Darnell, Deerfield, Wis., Plymouth, 2:16.46; 14. Louis Burmeister, Milwaukee, Wis., 1964 Ford, 2:20.65.
- From the June 14, 1965 Des Moines Register
Nelson Victor At Greenwood By 11 Seconds
Indianola, Ia. - Norm Nelson, a 25-year veteran of racing, captured the United States Auto Club's 201-mile stock car race before an announced crowd of 10,037 at Greenwood Roadway Sunday.
The 44-year-old driver from Racine, Wis., caught early leader Paul Goldsmith in the pits on the sixty-third mile of the race, then beat his Munster, Ind., rival by a scant 11 seconds.
The triumph was a $2,355 payday for Nelson, who hauled down $1,835 for winning and the rest in accessory money.
Goldsmith collected $1,350 for second, Don White of Keokuk $975 for third and Bob Isaac of Catawba, N.C., $750 for fourth.
Dozen Finish
Only a dozen of the 19 starters were still running at the finish at the hilly, twisting course. Both hte pole leader, David Pearson of Randleman, N.C., and popular Jim Hurtubise of North Tonawanda, N.Y., were among the spectators when it was over.
Pearson, stalled in the pits following the opening lap because of a failure in his suspension system, made a great effort to get back into the race after spending 20 laps of precious time for repairs.
Hits 150
He had 85-mile-per-hour laps, twice hitting 150 m.p.h. through the radar control, before a water pump broke and forced him in for keeps at the end of his forty-first lap.
Hurtubise figured in a somewhat humorous disaster when he lost his brakes coming off the hill of the first straightaway.
He couldn't make the corner and went flying into a water-filled ditch, which nearly submerged his car.
The only other incidents in the injury-free race, which had been expected to be a wild affair, were a blown tire by Dick Passwater of Indianapolis in his Studebaker and a wheel lost by John Riva of Chicago, driving the lone Chevrolet.
Faulty Tire
Both Nelson and Goldsmith made two pit stops, but Goldsmith was delayed on his first visit by a faulty tire change and he lost two laps.
Nelson didn't make his initial stop for fuel and tires until the forty-ninth lap. He got out of the pits in less than 20 seconds and never lost the lead.
At that stage Goldsmith had overtaken White with his 1965 Dodge and was about a minute behind Nelson. The other pit stops by the leaders were short checks.
White, in a 1964 Ford, was the only other driver in the same lap as the two leaders. He chased Nelson through a third of the race, but was never able to close the gap.
Isaac and fifth place Herb Shannon of Peoria, Ill., were two laps back of the leaders.


1. Norm Nelson, Racine, Wis., 1965 Plymouth, 201 miles, $1,835; 2. Paul Goldsmith, Munster, Ind., 1965 Dodge, 201 miles, $1,350; 3. Don White, Keokuk, Ia., 1964 Ford, 201 miles, $975; 4. Bob Isaac, Catawba, N.C., 1965 Dodge, 195 miles, $750; 5. Herb Shannon, Peoria, Ill., 1965 Plymouth, 195 miles, $575; 6. J.C. Klotz, Fort Wayne, Ind., 1964 Plymouth, 192 miles, $500; 7. Gary Bettenhausen, Tingley Park, Ill., 1965 Dodge, 189 miles, $455; 8. Louis Burmeister, Milwaukee, Wis., 1964 Plymouth, 177 miles, $430; 9. Bruce Jacobi, Salem, Ind., 1964 Ford, 168 miles, $405; 10. Bob Goesch, Tingley Park, Ill., 1965 Plymouth, 141 miles, $380; 11. Bay Darnell, Deerfield, Wis., 1965 Plymouth, 138 miles, $355; 12. Bill Moore, Villa Park, Ill., 1964 Mercury, 135 miles, $330; 13. David Pearson, Randleman, N.C., 1965 Dodge, 123 miles, $320 (water pump out); 14. John Riva, Chicago, Ill., 1965 Chevrolet, 114 miles, $300 (threw a wheel); 15. Bob Christie, Grants Pass, Ore., 1965 Dodge, 69 miles, $285 (blown engine); 16. Dick Passwater, Indianapolis, Ind., 1965 Studebaker, 54 miles, $270 (suspension); 17. Jim Hurtubise, North Tonawanda, N.Y., 1965 Plymouth, 27 miles, $265 (blown engine, brake failure); 18. Bud Gaghey, Indianapolis, Ind., 1965 Plymouth, 12 miles, $255 (engine failure); 19. Rick Clement, Chicago, Ill., 1965 Plymouth, 3 miles, $245 (engine failure). Time - 2 hours, 24 minutes, 38.96 seconds.