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May 29-30, 1965 - IKF Enduro
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Go-Karts Run At Greenwood
Indianola, Ia. - The poor man's version of sports car racing - Go Karting - returns to Greenwood Roadway here today with more than 150 drivers expected for a national point series of enduro programs.

Drivers school, novice practice, inspection and registration were staged Saturday. Today's program includes four races, one a 45-minute junior event opening competition at 9:45 a.m.

The remaining three events, which involve four classes in A, three in B and one in C Open, will be one-hour affairs over the three-mile roadway, starting at 11 a.m.

Top drivers expected include Jerry Bounsman of Omaha, David Ferguson of Odessa, Mo., and P.A. Williams of Altoona, all place winners in C Open a year ago, along with Denny Flanders, a second Altoona driver who was fifth at Lake Garnett, Kan., May 9.

Richard Ceretti of Granger, third at Lake Garnett in C Open, plans to compete in B Open here along with Roy Clary of Omaha, a second place finisher here last spring.

The B entry includes Harry Lunn of Bondurant, a second place finisher in the Altoona regional May 16 and among the point leaders in his class at Altoona last season; Gerald Kandert of Davenport; and Shorty Stidhan of Kansas City, standard class winner here last year.

In A, Robert Miller of Anamosa, winner of the super-heavy class a year ago and a member of the Gem Racing team of Glen Ellyn, Ill., heads a field of four classes. Included are Omaha's Mike McAndrews, Kansas City's Jim Isom, Cedar Rapids' Frank Foster and Ery Janey and Omaha's Mike Berg.

The lap record of 80 miles per hour was set by Don Survall of Chicago in his twin West Bend-engined kart last spring.
- From the May 30, 1965 Des Moines Register
Kart Title To Altoona Racer
- From the May 31, 1965 Des Moines Register
Kart Races Dominated By Kansans
- From the June 3, 1965 Indianola Record-Herald
Indianola, Ia. - Phil Williams, 28-year-old Firestone employee from Altoona, averaged an unofficial 74 miles-an-hour to claim over-all laurels in the International Kart Federation's enduro program Sunday at Greenwood Roadway.

Williams, driving a dual-engined C outfit, led the B and C classes through an hour-long grind, completing 26 laps over the three-mile course before the checkered flag fell.

There were 11 classes represented in the four races, worth a total of 52 trophies won by racers of all ages before an announced paid crowd of less than 800.

John Brading, Jr., of Valley Falls, Kan., and Ronald Johnson of Independence, Mo., both 14, split honors in the junior race as winners of the stock and modified classes, respectively.

A younger driver also competed - 11-year-old Harry Myers of Topeks, Kan., who had to quit because of a burned-out ignition coil.

Other winners included Donna Headberg, 16, Anthony, Kan., high school junior who beat older men in the A Modified class, and Cedar Rapids' Jack Kaplan in B Limited.


Junior Stock - 1. John Brading, Jr., Valley Falls, Kan.; 2. Scott Ovel, Cedar Rapids, Ia.; 3. Daryl Hill, Topeka, Kan.; 4. Rick Gean, Des Moines, Ia.; 5. Lew Lanson, Topeka, Kan.; 16 laps.

Junior Modified - 1. Ronald Johnson, Independence, Mo.; 2. Bruce Hill, Topeka, Kan.; 3. Bobby Hathaway, Cedar Rapids, Ia.; 4. Terry Blaylock, Shawnee, Kan.; 5. Tom Fraser, Holstein, Ia.; 17 laps.

A Standard Light - 1. Virginia Hendon, Endora, Kan.,; 2. Don C. Hodges, Prairie Village, Kan.; 3. Jarold Stone, Wichita, Kan.; 4. Joe Veal, Tulsa, Okla.; 5. Leon Martin, Greenfield, Ia.; 20 laps.

A Modified Light - 1. Donna Headberg, Anthony, Kan.; 2. Terry Woodward, Omaha, Neb.; 3. Curt Kibby, Kansas City, Mo.; 4. Joe Downs, Ames, Ia.; Harold LaPiante, Rock Island, Ill.; 20 laps.

A Standard Heavy - 1. Wayne Hill, Topeka, Kan.; 2. Jack Satterfield, Papillion, Neb.; 3. Robert Lamborn, St. Joseph, Mo.; 4. John Hendon, Eudora, Kan.; 5. John Anderson, Excelsior, Mo.; 20 laps.

A Modified Heavy - 1.Don Shearer, Stockton, Kan.; 2. Jerry Schlemmerer, Marion, Ia.; 3. Dan Potts, Emporia, Kan.; 4. Thor M. Olsson, Rock Island, Ill.; 5. John C. Brading, Valley Falls, Kan.; 23 laps.

B Limited - 1. Jack Kaplan, Cedar Rapids, Ia.; 2. Hakral Chaustain, Minneapolis, Min.; 3. Harry Linn, Bondurant, Ia.; 4. Gerardo Gonzalee, Kansas City, Mo.; 5. Ivo Koester, Omaha, Neb.; 23 laps.

B Standard - 1. Jerry Harrison, Omaha, Neb.; 2. Charles Roberts, Lenexa, Kan.; 3. Larry Bowser, Wichita, Kan.; 4. J.W. Merritt, Muncie, Kan.; 5. William C. Coons, Wichita, Kan.; 24 laps.

B Modified - 1. Robert Niles, Prairie Village, Kan.; 2. Shorty Stidhan, Independence, Mo.; 3. J.D. Taylor, Kansas City, Mo.; 4. Robert L. Baker, Liberty, Mo.; 5. Fred R. Taylor, Liberty, Mo.; 26 laps.

C Open - 1. P.A. Williams, Altoona, Ia.; 2. Zip Gray, Odessa, Mo.; 3. J.W. Hall, Merriam, Kan.; 4. David Ferguson, Odessa, Mo.; 5. Tom Dagnillow, Des Moines, Ia.; 26 laps.

F. K. E. - 1. Dave Swenson, Minneapolis, Min.; 2. Gary L. Wood, Wichita, Kan.; 23 laps.
Four Races were held Sunday in the National Go-Kart Race held at Greenwood Roadway under two auspices of the International Karting Federation.

They included a 45-minute event for junior racers, and races involving four classes in A, three in B and one in C Open, all of one-hour duration.

Phil Williams of Altoona averaged an unofficial 74 miles per hour in a dual-engined C outfit, to lead all class B and C karts in a 26-lap grind.

Donna Headberg, 16-year-old high school junior from Anthony, Kan., beat out older men to win the A Modified Light class in 22 laps.

John Brading, Jr., of Valley Falls, Kan., and Ronald Johnson, of Independence, Mo., both 14 years of age, won the Junior Stock and Junior Modified classes, respectively.

Other winners were: Virginia Hendon, Endora, Kan., A Standard Light; Wayne Hill, Topeka, Kan., A Standard Heavy; Don Shearer, Stockton, Kan., A Modified Heavy; Jack Kaplan, Cedar Rapids, B Limited; Jerry Harrison, Omaha, Neb., B Standard; Robert Niles, Prairie Village, Kan., B Modified; and Dave Swenson, Minneapolis, Min., F.K.E.

The next event at Greenwood will be the Late Model Stock Car Race sponsored by the United States Auto Club June 12 and 13.