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September 26-27, 1964 - SCCA Divisional
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- From the September 10, 1964 Indianola Record-Herald
Spectator program for the September 26-27, 1964 SCCA Divisional races. From the author's collection.
Dash plaque given to drivers and SCCA officials. From the author's collection.
Expect Field Of 200 Cars At Greenwood
A record field of more than 200 cars is expected for the final sports car race of the season at Greenwood Roadway, Sept. 26 and 27.

Drivers from eight midwest states will compete for Divisional championships and the right to advance to national competition. The race, sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), is one of the last remaining chances for drivers in the Central Division of SCCA to accumulate points for the American Road Race of Champions to be held at Riverside, Calif., in November. Divisional races have been the premier attraction on the sports car circuit this year, due to the incentive of a free trip to the run-off race at Riverside.

Every class of sports car racing will be represented during the two-day Greenwood meet, and entries will range from the super-powerful Cooper-Ford down to the tiny Sprite. Races will be held both days.

The Central Division of SCCA is the largest single area of the sports car organization. It includes Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin. SCCA Race Chairman J. E. Neville of Ames announced entry forms have been mailed to 1,400 drivers eligible to enter the Greenwood event.

The top three point leaders in each racing class from the six divisions of SCCA in the United States will be eligible for the Riverside race, scheduled November 12 through 15.

Greenwood Roadway is located on U.S. Highway 65, 10 1/2 miles southeast of Indianola or 4 1/2 miles southwest of Milo.
- From the September 24, 1964 Indianola Record-Herald
Weekend Of Racing Set At Greenwood
A feminine touch was added to the Divisional Sports Car competition at Greenwood Roadway, Sept. 26 and 27, with the entry of Miss Fran Queen, 25-year-old Chicago driver.

Miss Queen is one of the few women in the United States to hold a competition license in Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). She will compete for the Span Team of Chicago, and will drive a Formula Vee car powered by a stock Volkswagen engine. Miss Queen is employed as a secretary to the director of public relations of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Early formula entries so far received, who will be competing against Miss Queen, include Mak Kronn of Libertyville, Ill., Dr. Wes Olson of Lennox, S.D., John Mahler of Davenport, and John Wessale of Cedar Rapids.

Minneapolis driver Charles Cox has entered his powerful Cooper-Ford in the weekend event. He will be piloting the Congress Inn Special at Greenwood for the second time this year.

In the July race at Greenwood, Cox placed fifth over-all in the United States Road Racing Championship series race.

Formula Race

The formula race will be held Saturday, Sept. 26, and will be a 20-lap event. Points will be awarded to the top six drivers in this class at the Greenwood race toward the Divisional championship.

The top three formula drivers of the Central Division, which includes Iowa and seven other states, will be eligible to compete in the Road Race of Champions at Riverside, Calif., in November.

A record number of formula cars is expected for the September race, as it is one of the last Divisional races before the Championship Run-off at Riverside.

Tickets for the races Saturday are available at Ce-Doc's Clothing.

Greenwood Roadway is located 11 miles southeast of Indianola or 5 1/2 miles southeast of Milo on Highway 65.
Tom Payne in his Shelby Cobra CSX2430 leads Dan Gerber in his Shelby Cobra CSX2138 and Robert Crane in his Lotus Super 7 on Sunday in the A-B-C Production race. Photo courtesy Mick Enabnit.
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