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June 13-14 - 1964 - IKF Enduro
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Spectator program for the June 13-14, 1964, International Karting Federation races. From the author's collection.
Go-Karts in Greenwood Trials Today.
Indianola, Ia. - More than 100 go-kart drivers are expected to compete in the National Championship endurance races today and Sunday at Greenwood Roadway near here.

Time trials start at noon today. Two 90-minute endurance races are scheduled for Sunday, beginning at 11:30 a.m.

Former national champion Bob Yeager of Palatine, Ill., and Sonny Jordan of Fort Worth, Tex., winner of four national races this year, are among the favorites.

There are eight classes of competition. Winners will be determined by the number of laps completed over the three-mile Greenwood course.

Classes range from single-engine outfits, usually driven by 16 to 25-year-olds, to the twin and triple modified engines, handled by older drivers. U.S. Air Force Col. W.G. Knapp of Omaha is director of the meet.

Denny Flanders, 33, of Altoona, state dirt and asphalt go-kart champion the past four years, is entered. He finished second at the World's Championship at Missouri last year.

Don Headberg of Anthony, Kan., and his eldest son are entered. The Headberg family (seven members drive) is one of the top groups in competition.

Six women are expected for the International Kart Federation-sanctioned event. Omaha's Donna Bowsman, whose husband Jim is the regional champion, and Mrs. Orin Wright, also of Omaha, are two of the top women drivers. Seventeen-year-old Sandy Fabian of Wichita has won three endurance races this year in her class.

In test runs this spring at Greenwood, several of the karts averaged over 70 miles per hour. - a speed which officials say is sure to be topped this weekend.
- From the June 13, 1964 Des Moines Register
2 Win Go-Kart Titles In Rain
Indianola, Ia. - Sixteen-year-old George Stefoner of Chicago, Ill., and Robert Fuller of Wheeling, Ill., each won races in the national championship endurance go-kart races Sunday at Greenwood Roadway.

A rain-slick asphalt track forced the drivers to drive at lower speeds.

Stefoner won the first heat of Class A single-engine karts after the race was delayed two hours because of heavy rain.

Fuller won the second race in his dual-engine Class C kart. Driving in the rain, the contestants reached about 56 miles per hour, while the bigger karts hit close to 75 m.p.h. over the 3-mile track.

There were only 29 drivers in the first heat and 35 in the second. More than 100 drivers were expected to enter, but most left because of the rain.
- From the June 15, 1964 Des Moines Register
The Winners
First Race
A Stock Heavy - Jim Ison, Kansas City, Kan.
A Standard Light - Mike McAndrews, Omaha, Neb.
A Super Heavy - Robert Miller, Anamosa
A Super Light - George Stefoner, Chicago, Ill.

Second race

B Open - John Dearmore, Wichita, Kan.
B Limited - Chuck Larson, Kansas City, Mo.
B Standard - Shorty Stidhan, Lincoln, Neb.
C Open - Robert Fuller, Wheeling, Ill.
Overall Winner - Fuller
700 Watch Go-Karts Race In Rain Sunday
George Stefoner, 16, of Chicago, Ill., was the overall winner in Class A, and Robert Fuller of Wheeling, Ill., was the overall Class B winner in the national championship 90-minute endurance go-kart races held Sunday at Greenwood Roadway.

Drivers reached about 56 miles per hour in the smaller karts, and the bigger karts hit close to 75 miles per hour over the 3-mile rain-slick asphalt track.

An estimated 700 persons witnessed the races despite the rain which fell most of the day.

More than 100 drivers were expected to enter the races, but many left because of the rain. There were 29 drivers in the first heat, 35 in the second.

Col. W.G. Knapp, United States Air Force, of Omaha, directed the meet.

Stefoner won the first heat of the Class A single engine karts after the race was delayed about 2 hours because of the heavy rain.

Fuller won the second race in his dual engine Class C kart.
- From the June 18, 1964 Indianola Record-Herald