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May 30-31, 1964 - SCCA Regional
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Spectator program from the May 30-31, 1964 SCCA Regional races. From the author's collection.
Greenwood to Launch 2nd Season
Greenwood Roadway will launch its second season of sports car racing Saturday and Sunday, May 30 and 31, with a regional competition sponsored by the Sports Car Club of America (S.C.C.A.)
The meet is attracting many of the midwest's top-ranked drivers with their famous-name sports cars.
Thirty entries have been received for the regional race, officials said last week.
Entries range from a powerful Cobra driven by Charles McGurk of Lincoln, Neb., through modified and production classes to a tiny Sprite entered by Mike Whicker of Ankeny.
Whicker, newly-licensed driver, placed third in his class at Minneapolis recently in his first start.
"After our two weekend events last year, the reputation of Greenwood Roadway spread like wildfire among drivers," said Harold E. McKinney, chairman of the Greenwood board. "We've been receiving inquiries all winter from drivers who want to try our roadway."
Tricky Curves
Greenwood Roadway, located on Highway 65 about 10 miles southeast of Indianola, is three miles of asphalt. It has many tricky curves and turns as it plunges up and down rolling hills. It also has long straight-aways, where some cars hurtle along at more than 160 miles an hour.
"Most Iowans are accustomed to oval racing," McKinney said. "But after seeing our events last year, thousands of Iowans immediately became rabid sports car racing fans. Sports car racing really gives the spectator something to do besides sit in a grandstand."
At Greenwood Roadway, spectators are encouraged to move from point to point, seeing how drivers perform under the varying challenges offered by the roadway. Unlike oval racing, roadway racing requires drivers to shift gears almost constantly as they slow down for turns, go up or down hills, or strain for top speed on the straight-aways.
Since last year, McKinney said, many improvements have been made to increase spectator comfort, including expanded refreshment facilities and sound systems.
- From the May 28, 1964 Indianola Record-Herald